1. crappycinemanyc:

    Council members! This month get your D&D handbooks and pocket protectors ready because our theme is NERDS! We’ll have famous nerds rapping about not getting laid, 1980s computer porn, comic-book-nerd stuff. Get shoved into the locker of Comedy High School. 

    Plus check out this lineup of dweebs:
    DOUG SMITH (Urkel)
    APARNA NANCHERLA (Velma Dinkley)
    MAX SILVESTRI (Mitch Taylor)
    JULIA SEGAL (Violet Bickerstaff)
    J.F. HARRIS (Poindexter)
    ADAM CONOVER (Screech)

    Hosted by TEAM JIM (Lewis & Gilbert)

    Special guest appearance by Jim VB’s parents/nerds

    TUESDAY 11/13, doors at 9pm
    Public Assembly, n6/Wythe in Williamsburg

    Doing this show tonight!
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